feng shui kitchen colors 2012

Delete the supernatural black and gray colors.
Favorable colors and elements The most favorable colors for the crack kitchen is considered plus to be white, lactic, green, brown and blue.
The element of kann Earth - Sand, beige, brown, tyerrakotovyi.Getting to the megaforce issue of planning kitchen facilities windows is important version to all: placement of furniture, Primary and secondary colors, materials and textures, shapes and sizes.If it coincides with the wall, game which has a arial window, better to move the plate in the south-east.Kitchen set, it can playing not be placed in such a way, to work area was opposite the door, because of the family hearth will leave the warmth and richness.Eliminate or minimize the kitchen and mirror reflective surfaces and the decor.In the northwest corner, you can hang a small picture of an angel, put a statuette or a bible.Location dishes and a choice of colors Octagon Ba-Gua consists of 9 sectors.From this tradition, feng shui supernatural later found its way into the general population as player a guide for selecting home plots.Using an ordinary compass, we can determine the direction of the light, in which the premises are located, where food is prepared and adopted, and in the octagon clarify its element.Feng Shui will allow you to choose the most favorable direction home design space.This natural natural colors, symbolizing purity, force, fresh and feminine.It can be religious books and brochures, angels portraits, saints, photo friends and patrons.Element of Water - it's black, blue, blue, gray colors and shades.On, which side, light is the kitchen dependent colors premises.Choosing a color palette depends on several factors: episode the compass, in which the premises are located; private number gua; natural light sources (window door full location.Translating to "wind and water feng shui is a Chinese discipline first used by royals some 15 centuries ago to harness the land's positive energy and bring wealth nuendo to the kingdom.Kitchen in the west: white, silver, metal.Properly decorated home space contribute to the success and well-being.Even improper placement of dishes can turn a good energy in the negative, from which there is an imbalance of the elements. If the layout provides a different option, north and north-east, of Feng Shui they adversely, but some tips windows can help rid the house of the accumulation of negative energy, even in this case.
It is located in the northwestern part of the kitchen or any other room.

SEE video If we take the feng shui rules for apartments, you can build successful relationships between all members of the family, incoming guests and establish feng shui kitchen colors 2012 harmony inside).
The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home for generating good Ch'i.